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We Protect Your Privacy truly esteems the trust that the customer has in us, thus we value the customers right to privacy through the following policies:

  • Cookies: Cookies are a small text file transferred to your computers hard drive in order for our website to be able to recognize your information and know that you are a returning costumer and determine what elements of our service are best suited for us to show on our website. These cookies store some information on your web browser that we can later retrieve. Cookies cannot be retrieved by anyone else but us, thus the information is safe.
  • E-mail: We use e-mail as a means of communication with our clients in order to ensure the best service we can provide. We do not provide e-mails to any third parties whatsoever. You may choose to receive promotional materials from us however in which case we would use the information you have provided in order to reach you.
  • Security of Transaction: Every transaction is electronically confirmed with the credit company, and we process those orders that are authorized by the credit company. If a declined or suspicious transaction is observed, we cannot process the order but will contact you to confirm your information.
  • Sharing information: We value our customers privacy and we acknowledge as an important part of our business. We do not sell information about our clients in order to protect our clients privacy. All the information you provide, is safeguarded and will not be shared with third parties.

Secure Online Transactions

At LightingZilla online store and its affiliates we don't take any chances as to securing all online transactions with our customers. For this end LIGHTING ZILLA online store uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technologies to secure every transaction by encrypting information and providing authentication before any session is commenced.

An SSL Certificate consists of a public key and a private key used by the server and client. Through these keys information is encrypted and deciphered before initiating a session which remains private and secure during the transaction thus, guaranteeing the privacy and integrity of the session. All information collected during the online transaction is made via a secure server for maximum security.

LIGHTING ZILLA is committed to providing you with the most secure, up-to-date and safe systems available to ensure that your online transaction remains private and most importantly secure.